Thursday, August 25, 2005

Vinegar Flies...

...are besieging the 5 gallons of wine I made a few weeks ago.

They shall not pass.

Thwarted by my improvised air-locks (cut-up carrier bags held over the demi-johns' necks with lacky bands), they're pissing us off generally. In particular, they hang out around the wee box we put scraps in en route to the compost bin. And as for the compost bin itself, oh my God! I've had to move it to a remote corner of the garden.

The funniest bit, which is simultaneously most annoying, is that they do a kamikaze thing with wine, buzz around the glass for a bit, and then dive recklessly in. Herself's horrified by this, but she hardly drinks wine now. I'm less fussy, and barely notice when I swallow one of the blighters. Not much meat on them.