Sunday, August 14, 2005

Lazy Monkeys

There's another day with the books and the notes, trying to shotblast the sludge off the grey matter, which sounds revolting, and isn't easy. The only tangible result of the day is this spidergram, and even that's crap, now I look at it again. Hmm. Then I did a tot-up of the written work I've to do over the next few months and it's 10,000 words and, to summarise my course notes, 'any shite work will be rejected...' or words to that effect anyhow. So I'll need to pull my socks up because it's so long since I've done any rigorous thinking that I'd beat Bush in a slow-on-the-uptake contest.

Speaking of which, more politics, too, takebackthemedia is really worth watching. Don't click on it if you're in a hurry because it lasts about 15 mins. The Wee Monkey's behaviour during the time September 11th was actually happening. It's much more thoroughly done than in Fahrenheit 911.