Sunday, August 28, 2005

Parturation and Podcasts.

Autumn’s knocking on the door: it’s windy and looks like rain. You can smell the summer getting too old. I’m really looking forward to September, because the Baby’s due at the end of the month. Not that we’re relishing the thought of childbirth too much, trying not to dwell on the scary, screaming shitty hours Herself’s to go through. At the ante-natal class last week they asked for a volunteer to try the gas-and-air, so naturally I gave it a go. Shite. Didn’t touch the sides, and I wasn’t in great pain, as a labouring woman will be. “Demand Diamorphine” is my advice.

Meanwhile, podcasting. It’s a lot like the blogosphere, which is to say decidedly patchy. Decidedly.

For example, there’s Chris Reardon. Very professional DJing, but middle of the road music and sub-local-radio chat. Not my cup of tea, anyhow.

From the BBC, obscurely, there's The Weekender, from Radio Northampton, of all places, which lasts half an hour and has some excellent Indie music; the gig-guide is necessarily parochial, mind. (The BBC has several downloadable programmes here).

Gareth Jones is all about motor racing. Most DEFINITELY not for me - the link said something about "petrolheads" and I thought it might be about cheap drugs, but no.

The Miller Tells Her Tale has a lot about it. Folk, country and singer/songwriter music, so, at three hours, it's a bit like an evening at a good country pub with live music in the company of a charming Scotswoman.

That's all for now - these things take time. There are a lot of links to podcasts at