Saturday, August 06, 2005

still only four merry blogs

We had a jolly jaunt yesterday, mostly around the Quayside. Pad is staying another few days. The B&B he's staying at, he tells me, is excellent, so they deserve a plug: it's the Bede's Well, on Bede Burn Road, and the breakfasts are huge.

I've wasted hours today looking for a blog to bring the 12 Merries up to five. Goodness! There's some bollocks out there. And I'll tell you something else: just because someone can write HTML fluently, it doesn't mean they have the necessary creativity to make a blog easy on the eye.

But the morning's surf wasn't entirely fruitless. I found a search engine which claims it'll only retrieve British results; doesn't.

Political blogs generally get on my nerves, but 1820 is ok.

Enter <"jimi hendrix" gay> into and you'll get a load of hits. Here's the BBC's story. It seems a fairly obvious ruse, and I doubt it'd work now. Mind you, it gives new colour to that frequently mis-heard lyric from Purple Haze, " 'scuse me, while I kiss this guy." If I'd written that song, the lyric would be: " 'scuse me, while I eat this pie."

This tale of baccy smugglers from the Shield Gazette intrigued me. They got into trouble after being caught with a carful FOUR times. Eh? You'd give it up before that, surely. And I love the line about 'honest tobacconists' being harmed.

My flickr addiction worsens daily. Interestingness is the latest craze.