Tuesday, May 03, 2016

updated rotation plan - no allium

That's how she's looking today. The path now extends almost to the Southern boundary, but of course it's not quite as regular as it appears on the plan, it had to veer slightly west because the shed isn't as squarely placed as it might be. And the wee path that runs E-W next to the "structure" is very irregular, only accidentally a path, really.

I'm way behind any sort of  planting schedule. And everything is from seed in the absence, for now, of a functional potting shed. Apart from raking over the SW bed, there's all of the rest of the W side to dig over. Well, the middle area will just be getting sown with clover, so needn't be dug. But in any event we're probably going to be well into June before it's all under cultivation.

It's draining nicely into the pond. Last year, a heavy downpour would have large areas waterlogged, and that's no longer the case. It feels that I've pulled a drowning lady from a lake, and she's coughed up a load of water, and started breathing. Now, she's regained consciousness and is sitting up and looking around her. But she's not yet capable of singing and dancing. That will be next Spring.