Friday, May 13, 2016

Shed News

What with digging over, sowing seeds, defending same against wood-pigeons, and marvelling at the survival of honesty, there's plenty to be doing. But this morning I had a eureka moment vis-a-vis the shed situation.

The old shed cannot be saved, and I must have a new one this autumn. Tiger sheds do a new 8x6ft one for £299, delivered, which isn't too bad. However, talk around the plots tells me that new sheds are the most likely to lure thieves and vandals. One of my neighbours apologised at the AGM for attracting numerous unwanted visits to her shed, which is brand new and painted purple.

I have considered in the past building my own, but dismissed the idea because of the difficulty of fitting full sized pallets in a Fiat 500. The eureka moment came when I remember The Neighbour had been to a scrap yard to get scaffold boards for his raised beds... The yard delivered them free! Surely, a scrap yard will have plenty of pallets and corrugated iron? I can probably get all I need for less than £50. And it won't look posh at all, only rusty corrugated iron sheeting will be used. Voila!

Lots and lots about this found on Google. Here's just one YouTube video: