Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Intention of banking up the 2nd early potatoes, which I did, and maybe also sowing a row or two of seeds, which I didn't. The reason was, I got a visit from a neighbour, who clearly likes to talk. He showed me the plot he works with his brother. They have a photo pinned up of how it looked when they took it over, and it was a bloody mess. So they've done a lot of work, but the overall effect was to make a suburban back-garden, koi pond, dahlias and all. Other people's allotments are as mysterious as other people's choice of life partner.

Anyway, when I was extending the path I came across a number of corms of a type unknown to me - not bulbs or tubers. I asked the Suburban Garden Neighbour if he knew what they were and, God bless him, he opined that they were Crocosmia. Looking at the photo on wikipedia, I think he's probably right. I gave him a few, then went through the rest and discarded any that weren't showing new growth. The remaining 14 I planted on the inner skinnny path edge on the SW bed, just where it meets the lumpy concrete New Shed Path.

These are the corms which don't seem to be for coming back to life this year.