Friday, May 13, 2016

2017 Projection

I know it's only May 2016, but I had to make sure for peace of mind that I had the beds sown with the right crops by thinking ahead to the rotation for next year, including plans for the 2016/17 winter.

I've taken the opportunity to look at the whole projected layout. The pink areas will be perennials, (herbs, mostly) or wildflowers or pond marginals, whatever. Notice the oomska is right by the gate, telling any visitors: THIS IS AN ALLOTMENT. It's also well placed for next year's 42 wheelbarrows' full.

I might or might not have the poly tunnel by next year, I should have the shed built, all things being equal. And the hedgerow should be well on its way, but it might take several years to get the double row, especially as I'm planning to do it in the good old allotment style, costing me nowt.