Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The South East Bed

The SE bed, I don't speak of much. This is currently where the old shed is, a pile of half burned old timber and ground elder roots and God knows what else that will go on a bonfire when I get time... The plan is that here will go the oomska (right by the gate), and a herb/perennial bed. There's also a midden hidden there, and lots of bricks and all kinds of other mysteries.

Today I was laying the skinny brick path on the South west bed, peas this year, to facilitate weeding prior to planting. Anyway, there are partly buried rows and stacks and lines of bricks on the SE bed. So I was mining them for the path. I don't think this SE side has EVER been gardened.

Apart from the bricks, I found that the ground is a mixture of stones (pebbles, probably from the subsoil, and broken bricks and concrete) and what I'm thinking of as the original topsoil, when this was farmland more than a century ago: a kind of blueish clay, not as heavy as the glacial till of the subsoil, but clay nonetheless. It's going to take a hell of a lot of riddling and shit to make it into a herb garden.

Actually though, along the SE boundary (where I was mining the bricks), the stony clay soil might be ideal for gorse.