Wednesday, May 25, 2016

crop rotation & plant taxonomy 0.1

Inserting tables into a blogpost is do-able, but you have to do it all the long way round, after already doing the work in a spreadsheet. So for now, here we have most of the plants I plan to grow, in their families. This is done by screen grabs from the spreadsheet, so I can update them as necessary.

So that's voila, kind of, for now. I've already realised there are omissions of plants I definitely want to grow, (valerian, st john's wort, feverfew), but it should be a matter of just checking which family they're in and adding them to it, or introducing a new family if necessary. And it'll be complicated but not too difficult to juggle the families around rotation, companions, and winter crops. 

On a simple level, it's a good wish-list of what I plan to grow in the next few years.