Monday, May 09, 2016

In other news...

Blogposts here about the allotment outnumber those regarding the doctorate by... quite a lot. 100 to 1, maybe. Which is a telling ratio. The fact is, test validity theory, in fact almost everything connected with language testing is no longer floating my boat. If it ever did. And the thought of spending another 3 years researching and writing a dissertation which a handful of people will read, and which will advance the cause of human happiness, despite the best intentions, not one jot... Well, no.

A novel's been growing in my head since Saudi, and its time has come. I'm not going to spill any creative beans here, but I will give details of the research, (which may give some clues): First World War especially life in the trenches; Glasgow in the 1920s; Territorial Forces just before and during FWW; crime and punishment in Glasgow, 1920s; Scottish state schools, 1920s; Teacher education, 1910-20.

To get started, Jenkins, 1974.

Jenkins, A. (1974). The Twenties. London: William Heinemann Ltd.