Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Final levelling at last!

I took this a few weeks ago, it's the concrete structure. To the left it meets the Midwest bed at its southerly edge. Recall, this is where peas are going this year. You can't really see it very well on the photo, but the bed is slight raised, just at this end, as it meets the structure. It's only about 6ins or so, but you know when you get a bug up your arse about something?

Anyway, I wanted to start digging over the bed at this end this morning, ready for the first row of peas, and decided to get it level first. I just hacked into the rise with the shovel, and threw it north down the bed. That whole side is just about level now, with a steady, slight, gradient running down from S to N. And I am considerably less bugged.

Also planted komatsuna in the NWbrassica2016 bed, (I'm working out strings so that I can work out the crop rotation in future years). I've never grown or tasted it before. Mr Fothergill was a bit stingy with the seeds: only 50 for a row, so they'll be well spaced. Oh yeah, and the neeps I planted a few days ago seem to have germinated already. It's all go.

8th June 2016 is the 1st anniversary of starting work on the plot. Be nice if I could get all the beds planted out by then.