Friday, May 13, 2016


A row of peas, along the planting board, before I used the rake to cover them. At sunset, almost. A I took this photo, I was aware of a clattering of wood-pigeon wings right behind me, the brute was startled by the shutter sound the iPhone makes, perhaps.

It reminded me forcibly that a priority this weekend has to be sorting out netting, or all the sowing will be for nothing. I covered up this row with a long narrow sheet of perspex, and another of glass, which just happened to be at hand, until I can rig up the netting. I've got plenty of net material, but I'm short on stakes.

No allotment today, but must give this priority tomorrow.

Anyway, back to the peas: this is at the far Southern end of the plot, next to the oomska and wood piles. So now I've started at both ends of the W bed, and will work my way to the middle before mid-June. Wood pigeons permitting. The neeps at the very other end of the plot have germinated already. I need to get some netting down there, quickly, too...