Thursday, May 12, 2016

...hedgerow update...

I reported a few days ago that the gorse seeds had gone berserk, and I can say that their exuberant behaviour has continued all week. As of this morning, there were 110 approximately, with no sign of abatement in germination. Assuming all of those seedling survive to the planting-out stage, that's already enough for a single line of hedging down the W boundary, which is the direction casual, uninvited visitors are liable to try to get in from.

The fence by the SW bed is elderly, wooden and wobbly: I could kick it down myself in a few moments, so there's nothing to stop an amphetamine-fueled, mischief-bent Ned doing just that. It'll be maybe 3 years before the gorse can stop him, of course, but allotmenteering is all about delayed gratification, and I just need to be sure there's nothing a Ned would want to steal or even vandalize meanwhile.