Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Comfrey & the common carder bumble bee

The comfrey plants on the Rediscovered Path edge are nearly 3ft tall. They were the first to be planted in early spring, having been dug up from their bed in Autumn. Coincidentally, that bed was in the vicinity of the Rediscovered Path and Tattie Bed. Numerous volunteers spring up from this area, with new ones almost every day. The process seems to have been, when I dug them up fragments of root left behind grow new plants.

Comfrey, with (accidental) foreground bokeh.
The flowers are drooping, and the bumble bees get at them upside down.  I tried to get a photo of them, but the view upwards towards the sky makes the exposure difficult on the iPhone's camera. Here's the best effort of several:

So it's not a great photo, there's some way to go yet as an iPhone wildlife photographer. But you can just about tell the that the bumble bee in question is rather kind of blond or pale ginger, which means it's likely to be Bombus pascuorum.