Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Writes Like a Girl

I got back from holiday to find a virtual turd posted through the PS Avenue letterbox. So let me get this straight, "Matt", you're such a loyal customer of PC Pitstop that you google the name to get the craic about them, is that right?

And "a tad bitchy"? If your name's Matt, why do you write like a girl? See, if I'd made a remark about the tee-shirts they wore, THAT would be bitchy. But as a heterosexual bloke I don't usually notice those things.

What I was doing was making a reasonable complaint about wasting £40 because I was lied to about the goods' compatibility. By a cowboy, who of course wasn't called Matt and wouldn't write like a girl.

Now let me put in some phrases so that you can find this. "PC Pitstop" and just to be sure, "PC Pit Stop". Oh yeah and "cowboys" and "writes like a girl"