Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Developing Idea XII

From my first roll that I took and then developed myself.

Clearly, I have a very long way to go with this yet. In a complete access of idiocy, I had it in my mind that this was 400iso, and it was actually 100. So everything is underexposed.

The photos are mostly out of focus, so I wonder if the rangefinder's out?

I think that there are some water marks there too.

I dropped the negs on the floor as I was trying to get them into the film holder for the scanner, and they got very dusty.

But even without any of those blunders, the composition on this is obviously a pile of wank. I mean, look at that tree growing out of the guy's head. And when will I get it into my head that windows make crap backgrounds? Duh.

On the plus side, some of them have promise, and show that if I expose them properly, I can get the high contrast noir feel I'm looking for.

If there is a problem with the rangefinder, that'll become apparent when I scan in the rest of the rolls I've got waiting, and I can get the best from the other FED2. (I know the rangefinder was working with that from the first roll I took with that, which were fine and marred only by the light leak and slight guess-induced over-exposure). Or I could plug that light leak.

That first roll, I used the Industar61, and the results seem clearer - though that could be due to lack of focus with the rangefinder rather than the lens.

Now that the scanner's working I'll scan the backlog of negs I've got. Then I've got another two rolls I used on holiday to dev myself, and a third of colour I've yet to take to the shop in Dahra.

All of this, mind, has to be fitted-in around the MA study I ought to be doing. Good job I don't have a telly.