Sunday, June 29, 2008

A little wash

No power or water again this morning. Sat reading for hours in the heat, and then made a mad dash when it came on at 11am to at least get a quick wash and a shave. Hoped for a shower too but the water died to a trickle. The electricity is still on though, so let's be thankful for that.

No word on the visa. I really must be in Leeds by Thursday morning. I had hoped I could fly there, at the latest, Wednesday, but there are no BA flights to Leeds. So, it's Tuesday at the latest, fly to Newcastle, night at home, Leeds the next day. But that presupposes the visa gets here by tomorrow, early Monday (to book the flight) at the latest. It's a cliff hanger.

It's frustrating, sitting here unwashed and boiling without AC, when I could be at home with the family. But, looked at another way, until last week I wasn't expecting to return to the UK until the end of August. So, it's not going to be so bad.