Tuesday, May 20, 2008

PC Pit Stop

A newish computer and peripherals shop in the former garage on Albert Rd, where Hebburn merges in to Jarrow. I bought a Bearpaw 2400TA Plus scanner there on my last holiday at home. It was cheap, less than £40. Will it run with Vista? Oh yes, no trouble, just go on Mustek's website.

They'd also order a laptop, to be ready the next day, for only £340. Splendid. I told them it was really important that it was ready the next day: this was Thursday, and I was flying back to Libya on the Saturday, early. "It's as good as here," said the man.

I rang them on the Friday to see if it was there. "I've been trying to get in touch with you. We can't do it." Ach, well, these things happen... I was in the Town, anyway, and got a Samsung Curry's were doing for £399.

And now I'm back in Libya with an utterly useless scanner. No way, no how, will the fucker run with Vista. I've been googling all evening trying to find a solution. There isn't one.