Monday, June 02, 2008

A Manx Siamese Kitten, A Roast Chicken, and No Developing

I planned to develop a roll of film this evening, Kodak Tmax 100, ironically. But I also wanted to roast a chicken. A neighbour at The Bungalows has gone on holiday and left her kitten in collective care. Our IT bloke shouldered most of the responsibility, but the kitten wanted nothing to do with him once it smelt the roasting chicken, and decided my place was the place to be... I tried showing it the door but it set up such a racket, that I had to let it in. So that was my siesta postponed. It was like having a child about the place: amusing but hard work. I hadn't realised there was so many loose things about the place for a small cat to chase. And then it sat on my lap and sucked at my tee shirt.

Anyway, once the chicken was out of the oven it went into overdrive meowing until I gave it some, whereupon it ate only the white meat and promptly buggered off, no thankyous, no kiss-my-arse, nothing. That's a cat for you.

Meanwhile, I put my bottles of developer and fixer on a chair and pointed the vent of the AC at it. I don't have a liquid thermometer, but there is one attached to a digital alarm clock so I put that on the chair too. The temperature here away from AC (like the cupboard where the chemicals are stored) is usually around 30C, and so they'd likely be around that - too high to use. By the time the chicken was roasted and that cat fed, the temperature in the vicinity of the chair was around 24C, but I suspected that the bottles of chemical were holding the heat, so decided to leave them a bit longer, and went for a late siesta.

I woke at 9pm coming round from a nightmare involving being trapped underground with an Industar-61. The chemicals are at the right temp now but it's a bit late, so I'll have to leave it until tomorrow.

Checking out the details (times, ratios etc) on the internet, and reading some follow up to my Kodak rant this morning, I got to thinking about what Tiffany and Sweet Pea said in that thread. Find a film, and stick to it. Same could be said of developer. I've got a load of Fuji Neopan in the fridge but I think, long term, I'll go with Ilford - both film and chemicals. Naive, I know, but it feels familiar, vaguely reminiscent of a time when Britain actually manufactured stuff and made Ealing comedies. (There's actually no link between Ilford and Ealing, they're on opposite sides of London, and I don't know why they've become cross-referenced in my mind).

I need to get out more.