Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Humourlessness of Homophobia

You'd never normally expect Pig Sty to rush to the defence of a multinational and an advertising agency, but here I go.

I actually found the "offensive" mayonnaise advert to be quite funny, (though repeated viewing, interrupting a good film, say, tend to make even the cleverest ads pall). I think maybe the confusion for the people who complained about it is that they were unable to cope with two concepts in one narrative, especially when thrown into relief by the goodbye kiss punchline.

Like Zappa said, dumb all over, (a little ugly on the side).

Heinz and their agency have the last laugh at the hands of a couple of hundred Daily Mailers, though. Quite probably carefully planned. The thing will go viral on you tube. A virus, incidentally, which your anti-capitalist correspondent is hereby transmitting.

You can't beat them. But I won't be joining them.