Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Developing Idea XIII

This all started back in January. And it's going rather well. At least, the photos have the textual and contrastive qualities I'm after, which is the underlying reason for all of this.

Thinking it over now, it really started back here, when I realised that even with an f1.4 lens, and at 1600iso, the D50 was shite at the photos I wanted to take: night time, b&w, high contrast.

There are a lot of over- and under-exposures where I've been guessing. The guessing will continue for now though: the theory being, that when there's a gap of only hours between taking the photo and scanning it, then the available light and the setting will still be in my mind, and I can learn from where I've gone wrong and gone right.

That's the third ever roll I did myself, live on line, last night. That photo of The Bairn is one of them. I've got another roll of Fuji neopan 1600 in the fridge, mostly taken at Cullercoats during the recent holiday, with a red filter.

So, the idea is developed. Next, I've actually got to start taking some proper photos, moving from the technical to the next stage.

Or something.