Monday, June 16, 2008

Electoral Fandango

At least, in the Middle Ages, when they put you in the stocks for the populace to hoy shit at, the stocks were parish stocks, and not the property of Old Jake's Village Punishments, (though paid for by the parish).

The latest mad proposal from the editor of the Daily Mail the Brown Junta is to privatise community punishment, (emphasising the punishment bit, in a rather depressing lack of belief from a "son of the manse" in redemption), and put the bastards out on the street in high vis jackets, perhaps with "burglar" across the back. (I made the last bit up, but you get the idea).

Louise Casey? Is she aka "Hard" Casey?

It'll be interesting to see if Brown does go for it. Another indication that his Government plans to waltz right of the Tories, who might themselves be shuffling to the electoral centre and a return to One-Nation policy. Which would also be baloney, by the way.