Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Postcard from Visa Limbo

Was going to go to Mass. Completely forgot. Was going to watch the Final of Euro '08 with my mate Dan, but told him I'd be working on my MA.

Which I started, looking at the ten questionnaires I got back, assigning the students pseudonyms. These ten will form my sample now. It's not ideal. The initial idea for the research sprang from the radical difference in ability between two students from the same background, one of them a model learner, the other being a student from hell.

But, student from hell, true to form, did not return his questionnaire: neither did any of his classmates, the perennial non-achievers. Which tells us something, perhaps. [Btw, for reference a few days down the road when I come back to this: the ten questionnaires are in the zippy pocket on the inside lid of the new suitcase].

I should have been collating test data for these ten, instead I spent some time on Flickr, set up a photo for later, packed some more, (down to the absolute minimum of stuff now, if I wash my clothes everyday...) Made a cup of tea, and let it go cold whilst I did the packing.

Then I felt unaccountably flakey, and lay down for ten minutes. Realised I wasn't right, that being in this situation wasn't right. But what you gonna do? Smoke another shisha pipe? Take a photo of it? Watch disc 3 from series 5 of The Sopranos? Probably.