Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ilford and 6x9

I have a search on eBay for "ilford" to alert me to any cheap film going. This also naturally throws up listings of old Ilford cameras. When an Ilford Prentice came up last night, (really cheap but with several days of possible bidding to go), I couldn't resist it. All part of my new fascination with all things Ilford.

I was puzzled at first by the reference to taking 8 pictures 2¼"x3¼" 120 roll film when I googled this camera, but the nice blokes at the Folding Medium Format Cameras group on Flickr have put me right.

6x9 looks so cool! Nice big negs. The Ilford Prentice has a small aperture, so it'll be good for landscapes and portraits where I want plenty of background detail.

I can't tell if it has a screw thread for filters. If not, I'll have to find some way of fitting a red filter because what I want it for is to take pictures of Arran from the shore at Saltcoats, with brooding skies over the Atlantic - and with nice big negs to get good quality prints.

NOW, I really must get back to the MA and "Individual Differences in a Group of Libyan Learners".