Tuesday, August 24, 2010

“unreliable” and “evasive” and a “very hard and calculating man”

There was the hope, which lasted as long as a match struck on the deck of a container ship in a gale, that the Tories + the Liberals might produce some kind of weird libertarian one-nation essentially decent kind of Government.  Until you look at who's financing them. The fact is, they're shaping up to be another gang of Thatcherite neo-liberal cultural rapists, wild-eyed dismantlers of the state, giving it all away to their "pro-growth" "pro-market" pals.  New Labour were shit, but just wait and see what these bastards get up to. It's all beginning to feel horribly like 1980 felt, being told you're going to be beaten, and waiting for the beating to really start.