Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Even More Fun With Accidentals

Here's the bit of Ode to Joy in B flat major that I'm practising just now: 

See, on the treble staff, the Es and the Bs are going to be flat.  And I was thinking, wtf, there aren't any notes on those ledger lines.  On the bass staff, it's fair enough, where the Es and the Bs are marked as flats, you've got them on the ledger lines.  But playing those two Bs in the third bar of the treble staff, for example, as naturals sounded wrong...  Until I twigged that the notation applies to all Bs, not just those on the ledger line, but those outside the staff, an octave below.

Well I'll go to the foot of our stairs.  I said "until I twigged" but it was actually quite a eureka moment.  Or, if I was being pedantic, a measurable learning outcome.

I know I blogged this earlier, but Os didn't get it, so maybe I hadn't explained it properly, (people sometimes read my posts after all), and anyhow I wanted to get the music up on the monitor for practising outside the PSP program without relying on bits of paper, (and don't even get me started on the availability of printers, this weather).