Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Speaking of Fat

The trousers on the suits I bought in Libya, a couple of years ago, are now far too big.  Which is nice, as I'm not ill or anything.  The plan has been, for the last year or so, to lose about three stone very slowly, over two or three years.  It's going to plan.  Christmas 2011, if I'm spared, and I should be about 12 stone.

It's a bit like when you stop smoking though, (which, as it goes, is why I put on weight in the first place), and you begin to notice the fatties, as I used to notice the smokers.  Not-fat people sometimes seem to be the oddities, almost everyone's overweight.  Just eat less, people.  Fucking fad diets.  And these "pro-biotic" drinks and yoghurts, punted out for people who are feeling bloated.  "Bloated?  Buy this shit!"  No, just don't eat anything for a few hours, you fat twat, and you won't feel bloated.  Easy.