Thursday, August 12, 2010

Allegedly Crashing Into Snappy Snaps Whilst Allegedly Stoned

The thing is, there are Snappy Snaps, and there are Snappy Snaps.  Some of them will sell you a wide variety of 120 roll film, and develop and actually cross process the same. You might even get a genuine film-geek to film-geek discussion with the manager about the effect of cross processing on their dev mix.  Those Snappy Snaps are great.  Unfortunately, some of the smaller Snappy Snaps are staffed by twats and can only dev 35mm, but really only specialize in printing digital.  Like a one I went to in London, looking for a roll of ANY b&w film, only to be told in the tones of timeshare salesman, "you don't need black and white now, with digital!"  I didn't tell him to shut the fuck up, though it took a will of iron.

Anyway, long story short, perhaps George was taking out his frustration on his inability to get xpro done on his doorstep, or perhaps there'd been a fatal encounter with some bastard who really thought digital offered a brave new world of photography.  I read in an interview in the Guardian that he does 7 or 8 spliffs a day, and was on 25 whilst having a bad time.  If they're good quality weed, and blunts, well, that's a hell of a lot of gear.  So, he might be forgiven for getting a bit mixed up, and perhaps it was one of the good Snappy Snaps after all.  Or maybe all the Snappy Snaps are fine, and the shop where the numpty was blithering on to me about digital wasn't Snappy Snaps at all, but, one of those bastard Kodak places?

Anyway, whatever.  George, keep out of the car when you're wasted, man.