Friday, August 06, 2010

It's that time of year when...

...proper teachers go on their hols, whilst we tefl bums slave away, milking meagre cash whilst the summer school or presessional cow's in town. It' a funny job. My mam keeps asking me when I'm going to be a proper teacher, and maybe the time is approaching to make her happy and to work for yet another set of letters after my name.

Tefl management is losing its attractiveness, too, the more I do of it. It feels like less work than teaching, but it's long days and a lot of hassle. There's no room for initiative, either, always some arsehole up the ladder cramping your style.

Mind you, half the fucking country will be scrambling for training and career changes in the next year or so. All this ducking and diving is undignified, but what you gonna do to put mince and tatties on the table?