Sunday, August 01, 2010

Button Accordion

I was thinking of a piano accordion because I'm initially learning to play a standard keyboard.  But I'm learning that it's not that straightforward.  The PSP software is teaching me to read music.  Once I get to the end of that course, (probably in another few months), the real practising can begin.  That's when I need to decide on an  instrument.  I'm 50, and therefore a music learner in a bit of a hurry.   I don't want to spend a couple of years getting to be not-bad at something, and then deciding to try something else.

It's this laddo that's got me thinking about it.  What a great party instrument this could be.  But just as good for the blues, jazz and folk harmonies...  Everything I want to do.  AND, we wouldn't have to lose the sideboard out of the sitting room to find room for it.  Here's an excellent-looking starting point for the theory of it all.  It's written by a guy called Jax and it has the word "pedagogy" in the link.  Take me home, Daddy.  Despite the wee poem, I won't buy one on eBay, because I need to be sure, so I'll go to a shop.