Thursday, December 30, 2004

Suppits Owen Rs

Now let’s not disappear up our own arses, and blog overmuch about blogs, but this article from The Independent, (which newspaper’s slogan used to be “It’s Independent. Are You?”) is really quite interesting. It’s interesting in itself, of course. The sub text is a bigger laugh though: they haven’t worked out how to do links on that site – you’ve to copy and paste the urls. Arf arf. It’s a bit like an old vicar in the 1960s, telling his congregation that pop music was quite fun and he sometimes listened to the Hit Parade of a Sunday tea time, before evensong, and didn’t care if the bishop found out.

No need to copy and paste, though, I’ve done it.
This is quite fun; this hasn’t been touched since September. Stephanie Klein knows how to insert a link, but I doubt she’s my cup of tea. Her mother perhaps might have agreed earnestly from the pew with the Reverend's progressive views, if you can follow my logic.

Indeed. But what she says in her posting for 29th December is honest, thoughtful. And it's made me think: Why am I doing this? Does anybody read it? Do I care? Why not get a web counter? Aren't rhetorical questions a pain in the arse? Hmm?