Thursday, December 30, 2004

looking over my shoulder, reddening

This is great stuff: Pepys’ Diary in the form of a blog, the links being used to excellent effect as annotations.

Well, it’s back to canny auld Jarra. It has its limitations, to be sure, but 20th Century British history would be the poorer without our March, and there’d be a sizeable hole in the development of early mediaeval thought without our Bede. And it’s home.

Incidentally, whilst I was looking up the link for the March, I surfed away and somehow found Blast, which I like the look of. It’s a trifle more esoteric than DU (thanks to Gypsy for that one), as you’d expect, perhaps, but both worth a shufty.

I recall a line from a Hollywood film, in which some fella said to someone else, the latter possibly played by Jane Fonda: “You start out as an urban guerrilla, and you end up growing organic vegetables.” He could have added, today, “… and blogging about it!” What was that film? Or was it a novel?