Friday, December 10, 2004


The allotment's like a great vinyard: it's on a gentle slope, and faces due south. It's not
in France, mind.

Today was a wonder: a lovely winter's day in North East England. It was the first
oppurtunity for spending much time there since I came home from Libya last month.

The divisions I'd made in the comfrey last spring are in fine fettle, but I was really
pleased about the plant's unexpected appearance in odd parts of the neglected beds. It's
great to have a most useful plant as a 'weed'.

But I'm a gardener, man! There are limits to the random, so I plan to divide and replant
these unexpected travellers into the alloted comfrey bed. There's masses of healthy looking
foliage, and I wonder, could I make an astonishing wine from the leaves?