Thursday, December 02, 2004

A Dumpy Goddess

I was having a shufty at little red boat this morning. (Hope you've slept off the jet-lag, by the way). And there was a picture of a dumpy goddess.

I had a week's leave from Libya in August, and met up with Fiona in Malta. We stayed in The British Hotel, Valletta. We had a great time, although after 10 weeks of enforced sobriety, knowing that i was about to have another 10, Cisk beer featured a little too frequently.

One day, quite sober, we went to the archaelogy museum - Malta, we learned, was a hell of a place in prehistory. Dozens [hundreds? I wasn't totally sober] of these statues have been found. Massive, mostly. No-one knows why they have no heads. My idea is, they'd give them a temporary head to celebrate a matriarch, and replace it once she was dead or deposed.

You can't get away from them in Valletta's gift shops.

More nonsense next week.

I'm getting married in the morning!