Friday, December 24, 2004

Game Over? Snow? Mr Pickwick?

When you get to tea time on xmas eve, that’s it, game over. The stress ratchets down several gears and you can try to have a bit of fun. Because, for 36 hours or so, capitalism’s going to take a back seat. Once in the year when they shut most of the shops and shut the fuck up. (If you don’t have a telly. If you do, I seem to recall the book-your-summer-holiday-the-fuck-NOW adverts starts, well, about now).

The fun starts because the capitalists are out of it for a wee bit, and you can stop thinking “What must I buy?” Temporarily.

Will it snow tonight in South West Scotland? We got caught in a nasty sleet shower coming up the road just now. But snow’s forecast. Snow would make bairns happy. And some grown ups. What’s wrong with that? Yes, I know it’s all about cultural constructs, climate change, Charles Dickens, Prince Feckin Albert, and God only knows what… But I want snow!