Friday, December 10, 2004

Creosote and Comfrey

During another lovely short sunny winter's day I creosoted the greenhouse, and contemplated comfrey. When I got home, I put all of my clothes into a hot wash forthwith, and had a bath. There's still an odour of creosote about the place.

And as for comfrey leaf wine! Henriette at alt.folklore.herbs advised I look into livertoxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids. So I have. It's been a lesson. One bit of advice, (that is, exactly the same text), comes up time and time again on Google – I traced this piece of wisdom to someone called Jackie Barr.

Hmm. Then got onto this article, posted by Henriette, which indicates comfrey consumption is not wise. I tried to look up E Roder’s references on Google Scholar, with no success, but it’s early days yet for that search engine…

After that, I had to have a glass of wine, (£3.29 from Netto), regarding which it can only be said that grapes have probably featured at some point in its production.

Perhaps I should just make creosote wine.