Monday, September 12, 2016

Meanwhile, back at the allotment...

Managed to get down for a bit of work this afternoon. After a quick survey and a think, I got back to work on clearing the area opposite the shed, which will be the site of the polytunnel. I'm going at it with a shovel, getting it down to the level of the path for now. Every shovelful is riddled, the rubble and gravel piled onto the new shed area for its foundation. That's nearly done, actually, only a few inches to make that side on a level with the path.

When that's done, I suspect there's still going to be a lot of rubble and gravel. So the next thing with that will be rubble/French drain and path across the bottom of the Middle East bed, marking it off from the pond margin, (which has gone wild on me, but will have to wait), and helping with drainage. That path will continue along the edge of that bed, between it and the course of the hedgerow on the Eastern boundary.

I think I'm going to run out of bricks for the skinny perimeter path, and will use rubble and gravel, of which I suspect there'll be a ton or 2 under the SE bed. I might need another rubble/French drain to demarcate the Mid & NW beds, too. I don't like the way the phacelia there has died back to so quickly this year, and suspect it's still not draining properly.

The riddled soil is joining a heap in the NE corner of the Midwest Bed, by the path, which I started last Spring, and from which I cleared the weeds today. The new shed is vital to my plans now, so I've got to get its foundation high enough to keep it out of any Winter waterlogging, and of course it needs be level. So if rain stops play this week, which seems likely, I'll get to the scrapyards and see what they can provide: palettes, scaffold boards, corrugated iron... A stove will be essential too, if I'm to start sowing seeds in February ready for planting out in May.