Monday, September 26, 2016

Fruit initially gives syrup. (4)

Remember, I pricked out 80+ fig seedlings a few weeks ago into modules. These were sown with seeds from a dried Turkish fig back in May. So it's a slow process. Most are still showing only cotyledons, a few have grown secondary leaves, and a small number of those are just showing the next leaves beginning to bud at the apex. 16 of the 80 have died, but I still had approx 40 seedling growing in the original vermiculite seed-tray, so I was able to replace those. There are still about 25 left in that seed tray, and even if I lose a few more, we will have the 80 eventually for the hedgerow. 75, say, as there are still no doubt hazards for them along the way.

The plan is to leave these 80 on the windowsill at home until the potting shed is built and heated, some time in the early Spring. At some point next year they'll be big enough to pot on, and then spend the next winter in the shed or polytunnel. They should be big enough to join the hedgerow some time in 2018. One thing I've learned about an allotment hedgerow: unless you're willing and able to spend several £100s on bare root plants, you need to be patient and prepared for the long haul. It's more fun this way, more opportunities to tweak it, and for fate to intervene with unexpected plants as time goes by.