Monday, September 19, 2016

All Allotmenteers, Please Take Note...

When you encounter a load of... rubbish in your plot, usually a mixture of rubble, broken glass, bits of wood and fragments of old plastic bags, mixed with good garden soil, when you do that, SORT IT OUT STRAIGHTAWAY! Don't, please, as I did, pile it all up together on a vacant bit of ground thinking vaguely, I'll deal with that later...

Because this afternoon was 'later', and a tedious job it was: the aforesaid rubbish had become weed infested, which added a whole new layer of difficulty: roots and aerial parts clogging up the riddle and the danger of grass and other seeds finding their way into my nice riddled earth.

I'd thrown up the load of crap onto this area (early in Spring I think it was), and today raked it off the top, put the bigger bits of rubble in the spare wheelbarrow, threw the weeds and bits of wood onto the for-bonfire pile, and then riddled the earth out of what was left - and there was still plenty of gravel and smaller bits of rubble for the shed hard-core. 

Anyway, that's the 'old greenhouse foundations' in the photo, (better call this area now, the old greenhouse floor, because I'm pretty sure now that's what it was).

I'm about a yard into it (where the spade is), so maybe 7ft to go (the SE corner of the area is marked by that black 10 gallon drum). But it will be much easier now that I've gotten all the heavy weed-entangled rubbish off of the top of it.

Tell you what else I'm looking forward to: the day when all of this earth movement is over, and I can give all the paths a bloody good scrub with a yard broom. The area in the foreground of this photo could actually be a rather quaintly pleasing patchwork of bricks and other materials, but it's all mud-covered now.

Another thought occurred today: where in the name of all that's holy did all this rubble come from? I mean, whole bricks are there for structures and paths; pebbles will find their way up from the subsoil. But bits of broken brick and concrete fragments in these quantities?