Sunday, September 18, 2016

Dot toils crazily on agenda. (2-2, 4)

Day off allotment today. Regarding the plot as my gym, all of this riddling is working the arms and shoulders. Spin-off benefit for piano playing there. I'm slowly processing through the old greenhouse area for the poly-tunnel. I haven't measured it, but estimate it's about 10x8ft. I've gone about 3ft into it, and so far moved 6 or 7 barrow-fulls of earth, and working on the assumption that for every 3 barrows of riddled earth, there's one of gravel and rubble, that's a couple of barrows onto the new shed's foundation. I have a feeling that getting to the end of the old greenhouse will supply enough hardcore for a nice thick and level foundation for the shed.

And I'll have a cleared area all ready for the poly-tunnel. It seems to have a brick paved section down the middle, about 4ft wide, with a couple of feet of earth or clay each side of that. Which is perfect. I like the fact that the poly-tunnel and the shed will divide the plot up, 1/3 to the South, 2/3 to the North, so that when you enter it you see a nice small plot, but then walk down the path between the structures and see a whole 'other' plot. There's still a great deal to do, but as I stand there riddle the rubble out of the earth, I look up and begin to see how it's going to look in a year or 2.

The new shed is the lynch-pin. When I've got it, I can empty the old one, demolish and recycle or burn its constituents. There's a growing pile of rubbish, most of which will get burned one cold evening this coming Winter. And then, at last, I can dig over the bloody eyesore of the SE Bed.

I've spent some time looking at information online about building a shed from pallets. There are a lot of YouTube videos, but none of them are very helpful, so I'm going to have to resort to 1st principles. I spent probably 10,000 hours building lego structures as a kid, which should help. The big complication is that I want a potting shed, so lots of light. I've got a couple of windows in the old shed with heavy frames, and they're about the size of a pallet, so should fit in. And the roof... Lego has left me with no particular ideas for that, I'll just have to puzzle it out.  I need to build a couple of saw benches first, that'll help get my eye in.