Wednesday, September 28, 2016

First up green hill's reaction to unpleasantness (3)

BBC, from:
If I was in Jeremy Corbyn's shoes, I'd be a bit ticked off today, having to make a speech whilst, in Islington, the weather's not bad, and he could have had a couple of hours at his allotment.

No such luck here. Glasgow's right on the edge of that big lump of rain that's over the NW of Scotland, so it's been stop-started raining all day since about 10am; no allotment today. Nor for the rest of the week, it looks like.

Bah. But that's it, we're bound by the weather, it's allotmenteering, not stamp collecting. The knock on effect of this rain is that, even when we get a break in the rain, the earth at the old greenhouse foundation is too wet to riddle.  Which means the supply of gravel and small stones to the new shed foundation's hardcore layer has stopped.

Also, I've got to take my eyes off the new shed for a bit, I suspect, and get back to trench digging, where the rubble path's going to go in a near T shape. Just make them ditches for now, and then I can see which way the water's going.

But before I do that, I have to weed the hedgerow/boundary area, going anti-clockwise from the central path along the north west and west boundaries, almost to the ash tree. I did this a few weeks ago, but weeds are showing again, should be it's last do this year. Regarding which, throughout the plot, I'm going to have to keep well on top of the weeding next year, after being away in the summer and getting weed infestations.

Lot's of them went to seed. So i'm going to get lots of annuals. And the docks, oh my god. I've been digging them whenever I've encountered them, but there are a lot. And like comfrey, they keep coming back, I assume from a fragment of their roots?  Anyway, I'm sincerely hoping I can have most of the infrastructure (drainage, shed, poly-tunnel, skinny paths) done by May, so that I can actually just do some gardening.