Monday, September 12, 2016

Dance of the Hours Day... 9?

Or something, I've not been counting since I got the bug when I was in Greenwich during the summer. Appropriately for Dance of the Hours, "hours mean hours" now, none of the "academic hour" of 45 minutes baloney. The Poacher took me, at last, it seems, through some kind of pain barrier. Not that it's gotten as easy as I would like, but it's not head-bangingly excruciating. Or maybe The Hours is just easier.

I've got the RH memorized, now, as of this evening. And I've started on LH, which seems quite simple. I was going to use the @kommie_p's teacher's method, which is to dive in with both hands, and I will return to that one day, but for now, to get 3 pieces under the belt before November, I'm
sticking to the old RH>LH>2H.

So I've got maybe 17 days before the closing date for Autumn entries for Grade 1. I have hardly looked at the aural and sight reading parts of the exam, yet. The bit's between the auld teeth now, though. And what is there to lose but £38 and one's pride? Worst case scenario, it's a dry run for Spring. I'm determined to get several grades done in the next couple of years.