Monday, September 26, 2016

American takes a check for cricket circumstances. (4,5,4)

Heavy rain Saturday, and heavy showers yesterday, meant no allotment all weekend. And when I got there today, the area of the old greenhouse was too wet to riddle it. So I moved part of the skinny brick path from part of the Western boundary, to it's new home as you can see here, from the central path to the cherry trees, delineating where the Middle East bed, (to the right) ends and the pond margin begins. The wee shoots you can see in the ME Bed are winter field beans, which have germinated well and made a good start.

I've moved the bricks because it still seems the Mid and North West Beds aren't draining properly, so I'm going to dig a trench, fill it with rubble and call it a path and see if that helps, next year. And put in raised beds - I mean proper raised beds, about 3ft high - on the soggiest part.

It's a case of watching where the water goes this Winter, which is liable to be another wet one, apparently. By the time I get all the drainage works completed last winter, the worst of the storms was over, so none of it has been properly tested, yet, and I might need to do more. Perversely, I'm quite looking forward to getting some heavy storms, now that I've got a handle on the drainage situation.

Also today, weeded the NE boundary, my 'hedgerow'-hedgerow, consisting of donated bare root actual hedgerow trees. And not much more, due to the rain.