Friday, September 30, 2016

Carcassonne Wight

Hardneck garlic arrived just now. Long time since I've grown garlic, so I've done a bit of googling. This was helpful. Garlic doesn't like waterlogging, either, apparently, so let's hope the new drainage, right by next year's onion and roots rotation bed, does the business. I was going to dig in 2 barrowfulls of oomska, but I think I'll dig in 2 more, now.

This area - well, every area of the plot - wants riddling, but I'll wait now until the garlic's harvested late Spring, and riddle it all when it's less claggy, and then sow carrots or parsnips.

Carcassone, we're told, has been occupied since the neolithic, and was the site of an important Roman fort, so maybe legionaries planted the first garlic there.

I like the virtues of hoeing being extolled on that quickcrop link. S/he's right there. But that's another post...