Saturday, September 10, 2016

1 bed ready for Winter

That's the Middle East bed, formerly the 2016 tattie patch. It's 3/4 done in that photo which I took yesterday, and I got it all finished - as far down as the pond margin - this afternoon. I dug it over, finding a few stray potatoes as I went. I sowed it thickly with winter field beans, var. 'wizard'. And then finish it off with a couple of inches of horse manure, now nicely rotted down.

I'm curious to see how these wfbs do this year. Last year, I was running late with everything, and didn't get them sown until November, in rows. And then, of course, large parts of the Mid and North West beds were waterlogged. The beans coped surprisingly well, considering. Now, they have the benefit of a well drained bed, and a couple of months of growing before Winter comes.