Monday, May 27, 2013

Lilliburlero: The Video

I was musing last night, thinking out loud, really, whether I should carry on practicing Lilliburlero a bit longer, get it just right, or draw a line and move on.  I was taken aback by how emphatically Herself suggested I should draw that Lilliburlero line and move on.  "I would appreciate it, and so would all the neighbours."  

From a learning point of view, also, it's probably right to move on.  I mean, I'm not just learning to play this tune, I'm learning to play the piano, and one tune can only teach so much.  Be interesting to come back to it in a few months, and see how much the macro skills have improved.

So here it is, imperfect, (having it recorded adds another layer of difficulty, as a kind of public performance, I found).  Still those gaps between phrases, you can almost hear me thinking, where tf do I go now?  But, there it is.  My first proper tune learnt, first wee foothill climbed.

Next, probably For S/He's a Jolly Good Fellow.