Wednesday, May 01, 2013

#lilliburlero Day 4

All the way through with RH today.  Bit hesitant in parts, but not missing any notes, and zipping along.  Another hour or two should have it nice and smooth, and then I can start on LH.

This is fun, and Mozart's coming off very badly in comparison - in terms of enjoying an hour's practice.  The Country Dances book has 160 wee tunes in it.  I got another book of music off of eBay in the post today, Irish Pub Tunes, which has 50 or so tunes.

I'm wondering, maybe I should learn all 200 (or thereabouts) of these.  Then I'll have pretty good technique, and I can maybe start on the accordion.  The long term goal has always been to play in a pub for beer and supper and the hell of it. Jigs, reels and Irish ballads are what goes down in pubs.

There's nothing to stop me going down the ABRSM Piano Grade road, too, in the future.  But I'm going to go all folky, just now awhile.