Sunday, May 12, 2013

#lilliburlero Day 13? 14?

Today was one of those practices where two hours goes by and it's felt like 40 minutes.  Getting on quite well with 2H on the first 8 bars.  It occurred today that the learning process is in four stages:
  • Decoding (from the sheet music); then
  • Memorisation: playing it over and over again until you know the sequence of notes (RH, LH), and then their relationship (2H);  at this stage the notes will not be the right length, and on a nippy wee thing like Lilliburlero, it's going to be slow, so that bring us to,
  • Speeding up, getting the time right, as well as the notes' lengths; finally,
  • Musicality - making it sound good, making it your own bit of music.  
Or DMSM for short.  

For Lilliburlero, I'm on course to reach that final M, both hands, about a week from today...