Tuesday, May 07, 2013

#lilliburlero Days 7-9

I got another version from music-scores.com, arranged by Anne Christopherson,  the version in Country Dances had something  not-quite right around bar 12, (it wasn't quite like the "BBC version").  The Christopherson has no chords in LH, which should make it easier, but the fingering on RH has been a puzzle I've spent the weekend working on, eventually getting it last night.  

Which begs the question, is puzzling out fingering a good exercise for the beginner?  It felt helpful.  Coincidentally, there was a good discussion about this on Today, yesterday (8.20), between  "Dr Alexandra Lamont, a senior lecturer in Music Psychology at Keele university, and Tasmin Little, an international concert violinist", and one of them, presumably Ms Little, described three stages of attachment to a musical instrument: 

  • Physical (for her, the way the strings felt as she held the violin);
  • Intellectual, as you decode the music from the page to the ear;
  • Emotional, the effect that playing the music has on you.  
I'd agree with all three - you could refer to the taxonomy as PIE for short. 

Also interesting was an interview with Hugh Laurie in the Guardian yesterday, where he says, (near the end): "the sensual pleasure of playing a chord or some sort of groove, and the drummer joins in, a bass player joins in and just for that moment, that is the most exquisite pleasure there is."  Which is where I want to be in some shape or form several years from now.  

Anyway, back to now, I've got the first part of RH on Lilliburlero, and nearly there with the rest.  Don't know yet how long two hands is going to take.  But let's say I should be ready for a performance in the form of a YouTube recording in... two weeks from now?  *gulps*